Keeping Plants Alive in Winter Time

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By Kevin Arnone on January 2, 2011, 3:42pm

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1. Move the plants to sunny areas during the day, applies to more indoor plants but it's important if your able to move outdoor plotted plants to a sunny area as well. With less sunshine during the winter months, optimizing the amount of time the plants are in the sun is crucial to a healthy plant. Moving your plants around during the day to catch some rays is the key to success

2. For the outdoor plants, lay down a thick layer of mulch or compost. Laying a nice layer of compost and then a rich layer of mulch covering it. This will help to provide food for the plants over then winter as well as insulation to help keep the plant warm.

3. If you have any plants in stoneware pots be sure to move them indoor. They can be lovely looking but provide minimal insulation for your plants during wintertime. Especially if temperatures are below freezing the stoneware will actually make the plant colder by conducting the cold. So if you have any, make sure you move them inside

4. Cut flowers back so they are 2 or 3 inches above the ground. The longer the stems and exposed bulbs of flowers are the most susceptible to the cold. By trimming back to just above the surface of the ground toy can reduce the exposure area and protect the roots. You can even cover the bulbs with a burlap sackcloth or plastic sheeting to provide extra needed insulation

5. You can even move your potted plants to a cool, dark area that will have a steady temperature of 40 to 50 degrees throughout the winter. This will make the plants go dormant and they will be left that way until winter is over and weather becomes sunny once again

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