**Updated-Sorting Out Sandy's Potential-How Close To Ct?

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By Gil Simmons on October 25, 2012, 4:47am Last modified: October 26, 2012, 6:19am

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Noon update:
The new GFS forecast model takes Sandy on a track directly into Connecticut .

Lots to cover in today's video discussion! 

The European track is heading for DE & MD...GFS east then curving to NW through Eastern Canada.

Here is the updated forecast track from the Hurricane Center that brings it in our direction:

This is coming a bit more inline with the persistent ECMWF projection. Which by the way, has shifted west to MD. & DE. Here is the ECMWF forecast for Monday-

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UPDATE 1PM Thursday:

The GFS weather model now very ominous for our local area. Here is the updated GFS panel showing a huge wind maker with very low pressure for Ct.:

Start thinking about ways to prepare for a large scale wind storm. If you prepare now and this weakens...you will be ready for what Winter sends our way. It is a good idea to change batteries in CO and smoke alarms in-case the power goes out for a period of time! 

Will update you tomorrow...stay tuned! -Gil

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