Colder, Drier, and Sunnier...But Storm Approaching

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By Erika Martin on November 13, 2012, 6:51pm Last modified: November 14, 2012, 8:49am

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I think we have a pretty great forecast for the rest of the week! Showers are clearing by tonight, but the western half of the state is already dry. A high pressure system will move in, which means gorgeous skies and dry weather, although the cooler air from the north will keep us a bit chillier...I'd say ideal Fall days! The dry and pleasant weather holds through the first of of Sunday, but the storm I've all been talking about will begin to push clouds in for the second half of Sunday. I have added a chance of scattered showers late Sunday, for the shoreline, though the timing is still not quite clear. Initially the storm seemed to favor Tuesday, but now models show it pushing in sooner. While it really does look like most of the mix and snow will be relegated to the inland and higher elevations, there does seem to be some colder air moving in, and we could very well get some mix for the shoreline. I'm leaving my forecast as is for now, and I don't expect much to change tonight. I'll have a better idea of the exact timing by the end of the week. 


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