Closing School: The Right Thing to Do

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By Zachary Duhaime on February 7, 2013, 8:05pm Last modified: February 7, 2013, 8:09pm

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I have been asked this question about a hundred times today, “do you think we will have a snow day?” And my answer from Tuesday was YES and… it still is.

Now, though I am not expecting much if anything more than an inch or two before noon tomorrow, I still think for the safety of the students and faculty ALL Connecticut schools SHOULD be closed tomorrow. Yes, and early dismissal may cut it, especially in eastern CT but it’s not just about what is happening weather wise, it’s what will follow.

The whole state is under a Blizzard Warning, this does not happen very often around here and when it does, sometimes it’s not really needed but in this case, we may be dealing with a blizzard that can go hand to hand with the historic Blizzard of '78. The biggest reason why I believe all schools should be closed is simple. A very powerful and dangerous storm will be approaching and the less people on the roads, the better. Plus this gives all of those with in the school systems to prep in the am so they are ready for what Mother Nature brings in the pm.

As I repeat, this storm means business and not only the amount of snow (which can exceed 2 feet in some areas), but with the wind that may gust to 60mph will cause extreme weather conditions.

So, stay tuned to WTNH.COM and for the latest school/business closings and my Twitter page, @zduhaimedmj for the latest historic storm to cross CT!

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