Friday's Snow Event (The Inverted Trough)

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By Stephen Barabas on March 8, 2013, 2:05pm Last modified: March 11, 2013, 9:52am

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Well, technically, this is a Norlun trough by meteorological definitions, hence why we're getting more snow that most anyone (if anyone) forecast.   Off to the east, they're getting FAR MORE snow than was forecast.   These events happen once in a while and it can really catch even the greatest forecaster off guard.

At 9AM I measured about 7 inches of snow in Southbury.  By 11AM it was up to 8.3 inches.  At 12PM it was up to about 9 inches.  But now at 1:30PM I went to measure and it was back down to about 8 inches!  And it's been snowing steadily non-stop!  Due to the nature of this snow being heavy and wet, there's a lot of compacting going on.  So it's certainly going to be tough to make an accurate accumulation report.   I'd most-likely estimate that we've have close to 10.5 inches of snow.  This will have to be estimated through the melting of a collected cylinder of snow, finding the liquid depth and then converting it over by the most noted ration of liquid to frozen precipitation.  Something I'll write about later, including the some of the dynamics behind this inverted trough event and why it can really mess with a forecast!


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