Nor'easter: Long Duration Event?

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By Quincy Vagell on November 13, 2012, 4:00pm Last modified: November 14, 2012, 3:48pm

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Some models say that NEXT week's potential nor'easter could be a slow mover.

This article is focused on the Euro model, which has performed the best this year with coastal storms. It was the first to catch onto Sandy about 10 days before the storm happened.

The image above shows the setup as a low pressure system meanders off of the East Coast next week. By Wednesday, low pressure off of the southern New England coast is trapped beneath a high pressure system. The result is a storm that literally hangs around the area all of next week.
Depending on where the storm tracks, we could see snow, a wintry mix or even rain. With that said, wind and coastal flooding is looking more certain at this point. 

The loop below shows the forecast storm track for Monday through next Friday:

Such a scenario could spell big problems along the coastline.
Although northeasterly winds are usually associated with nor'easters (hence the name), the winds may start off closer to east or east-northeast. This could potentially funnel more water into Long Island Sound, as well as the Jersey Shore and New York City, spelling residual flooding effects.
Mike Moran posted a great article on the topic earlier this afternoon

Below is an image of the forecast winds at 850mb and 30m:
Image courtesy of Plymouth State Weather Center and

Also, regardless of the exact track, a slow-moving storm would still impact much of the East Coast in one way or another. Non-tropical coastal systems and nor'easters have been known to cause flooding even when winds are out of the northeast. Residents along the coast from North Carolina to Maine should monitor the progress of this storm closely. Many coastal communities have already been hit hard this season and this leaves some areas particularly vulnerable.

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Additional thanks for PSU Meteorology and Meteo Centre for graphics

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