More Flooding Downpours & Severe Thunder?

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By Gil Simmons on July 15, 2014, 6:04am Last modified: July 16, 2014, 10:27am

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Another active weather afternoon ahead. Conditions are changing this afternoon. The very humid air over Connecticut is fueling some scattered very heavy downpours this afternoon. A Flash Flood Watch is up for the state through tomorrow. 

Remember the saying..."Turn Around...Don't Drown"! Driving through a flooded area can be deadly. We have seen it play out in the past locally. 

Some of the thunderstorms from 3PM through 9PM could reach severe levels with damaging wind gusts. There is also a tornado risk. I know it did not come together yesterday, but similar conditions exist today with a little more wind aloft. Stay alert for any warnings this afternoon.


Here are the specific concerns from the Storm Prediction Center and you can see how there are areas highlighted over Connecticut if you look at the following images closely-

Wind Damage Threat

Tornado Threat

Less humid air slowly moves in later Wednesday and Wednesday night bringing an end to the showers and thunderstorms. Some really nice and refreshing weather is expected Thursday & Friday.

I will be on the green in North Haven this coming Thursday 4:40AM-9AM! Come on out and stop by for donuts and coffee. Also stop by if you have any weather stories or stories about North Haven to share! 


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