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Meteorologist Kevin Arnone joined Storm Team 8 in April of 2014 as the Executive Producer of Weather.  Born and raised in Orange,CT, Kevin grew up watching the meteorologists at WTNH.  Kevin Graduated from Western Connecticut State University in 2012 with a B.S. in Operational Meteorology.  Kevin’s interest for weather started at the age of 9 while on vacation in Florida a Tornado ripped through the area.  "Dr. Mel, I want to be a meteorologist like you when I grow up. How do I plan for it?" This was ten year old Kevin's question to Dr. Mel Goldstein's at his book signing promoting The Idiot's Guide to Weather. As a youngster, Kevin's friends were all well aware of his interest in meteorology. They would often call him to see if school would be canceled the next day due to adverse weather conditions. Through the years, Kevin's passion for weather never faded. Kevin is realizing his childhood dream of becoming a weatherman. Dr. Mel was correct when he autographed his book to Kevin, 'To a future meteorologist!'


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Latest Articles

  • Mount Ontake Erupts
    Mount Ontake, in central Japan, erupted Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014. As of today the ash-blanketed peak of a still-erupting volcano has claimed 36 lives.  There is no warning before the deadly eruption...
  • Track the Rain Moving Through the State!
    Here's a live interactive radar from Storm Team 8:   - Meteorologist Kevin Arnone Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter!      
  • There's a First For Everything
    Monday might mark the last 80 degree day here in Connecticut for the remainder of 2014. After looking at some long-term models, we cool down starting Tuesday all the way through the middle of next week....
  • Top 5 Things to do on a Sunny Day
    Sunny days, what everyone loves.  This time of the year is when we should be enjoying them the most.  Before you know it, the weather will begin to cool down, the sun will set before you get...
  • Connecticut in a Drought?
    The United States Drought Monitor released an updated graphic of the drought conditions in Connecticut.  Over half of the state has been put under a moderate drought.  Roughly 95% of areas east...
  • Connecticut's Worst Drought
    CT has sure had its fair share of droughts, I put a link on the bottom of the page that lists them all. However, the worst drought in CT history happen all the way back in the mid 60s. This was a really...
  • Jeter's Farewell Forecast
    Today will be a sad day for not only Yankee fans in New York but baseball fans in general all throughout the country.  Derek Jeter, who has been the Yankees starting shortstop since 1996 is calling...
  • The Great September Gale of 1815
    The Great September Gale of 1815 was one of 5 major hurricanes to strike New England since 1635.  On September 23, 1815 this storm struck Long Island and then came ashore in Saybrook, Connecticut. ...
  • How Does the Weather Affect Pumpkin Season
    Summer is officially finishing tonight at 10:29 PM and with fall now finally here, everyones eyes are on the pumpkins but did the summer of the past cause a bad and a rough pumpkin season? Actually the...
  • Hurricane of 1938: More Photos
    The "New England" Hurricane of 1938 ripped through the area on the afternoon of September 21st, 1938. One of the worst natural disasters on record to hit New England, the hurricane caused massive damage...
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