Snowfall Totals From 11/26/2014

Snowfall totals! If you have anything different than this, please tweet me or facebook me.  The links are below… Tweet me your snowfall tota…


First Widspread Snow

The first Widspread Snow affected the area on Wednesday. Here in Hamden and most of the area there was a mix of sleet and rain as well which…


Joaquin No Issue & Trending Warmer

Today will be a slight improvement over yesterday with only a few showers, but it stays cool and cloudy. Wind persists all day long with gus…


Saturday Morning Joaquin Update

Check out the video above for the latest on Hurricane Joaquin, which looks to be a MISS for Connecticut!  


One Extreme to the Other: 2015 Temps

With all that’s going on with Hurricane Joaquin many of us forgot how September went as far as temps… Precip ended up near normal for the mo…


Preparing for “The Big One”

With the wounds still healing from both hurricane sandy and Tropical Storm Irene people in Connecticut naturally are very sensitive to bad s…