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Holiday Plants, Holiday Safety

By Dawn Pettinelli UConn Home & Garden Education Center   As we decorate our homes for the holidays with cheery plants, evergreen boughs and…


From Quiet To Mild & Wet

It’s Friday!!! Here are your weather headlines: * Lots of clouds today * A chilly breeze with the wind chill in the 20s and 30s for most of …


Japan gets over 6 Feet of Snow

(Video is from noon on Thursday) A massive snowstorm dropped over 6 feet of snow in parts of Japan this week.  (8PM Update) The snowstorm ca…



Hey can you do me a favor? Wake me up when the boring weather ends. Right now looks like that will be the case until next Tuesday.  High pre…


Active Pattern To Close Out The Year

After studying the models for many days, there are a few things that have drastically changed. The major winter storm that many models showe…


Beach Weather on Christmas?

Beach weather on Christmas? You’re probably asking yourself “What is he talking about?”  Earlier in the week it certainly looked possible to…


Looks Like Rain Now!

Well friends, if you’re hoping for a white Christmas, the next opportunity seems to me a miss for us in Connecticut. Here are the details: C…


Cloudy with a Chance of Snowys

A spate of early sightings of Snowy Owls in the Northeast has the birding community excited for a possible repeat of last year’s mega irrupt…

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